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Hey there, I’m Kai Wright. 

I’m a strategy advisor to clients that include senior leaders at Fortune 100 companies, founders at startups, investors in funds, and talent, who work with me to prepare and position their brands for the future. I live at the intersection of digital, technology, marketing, and branding. I study fast-growing companies and startups, helping others cut through the clutter of noise.

I’m a global citizen who travels the world to spot trends and experience culture first-hand, to bridge gaps between today and tomorrow by uncovering new groth lanes.  In every country I visit, circa 20, I believe in living like a local, respecting culture, and immersing in customs.

I’m a recognized leader by Forbes, Adweek, Cablefeax, C-Suite Quarterly, and the Advertising Research Foundation, known for using principles of influence & persuasion as a strategic advantage. I lecture about those subjects at Columbia University.


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