Photographing stories

Living in the moment

For the past 15 years, since an internship at an artist studio working in his dark room to develop prints, I've had a passion for capturing life's moments.  


Style: Passive observer

Creative Test: Does it make you feel? Does it fuel wonderment? 

Technic: Sensorial

Perspective: The third eye

Curating culture

Today's world re-imagined, Arisotle's Candy (BLOG)

We have always had a connection. He lit up the world with uncomfortable, yet valid ideas that gave us logic, rhetoric, the scientific method, aesthetics, metaphysics, and much more. Each of these fields stemming from his natural curiosity to explore & understand the human condition. And just like him, when I take afoot, mimicking his peripatetic teaching method (i.e., pacing) then that means one big, badass idea is abrew. 

Developing products

Agency as maker, The Supply System

TSS is a brand development agency. We produce both wholesale and private label products for retailers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. We focus on the philosophy of creative utility, rendering product that is equally functional and fun. As a young agency, we speak to those we know best--our own millennial generation.


AdAge Interview (May 2013)